Span Chemicals Pvt. Ltd.


Anhydrous Ammonia is supplied in our returnable cylinders approved by the Petroleum and Explosive Substances Organization, (Explosive Department) owned and serviced by us.

We have Cylinders with different capacities to suit the requirements of Fertilizer, Refrigeration, Chemicals, Drugs and Pharmaceutical manufacturing industries.

Ammonia in Aqueous Solution: is supplied in HDPE Carboys and Drums as required and provided by the consumer. In case of Bulk requirement we have a fleet of Road Tankers with payload capacity of 9.5 MT.

Anhydrous Mono Methylamine and Dimethylamine: is also supplied in small cylinders of 50kg capacity, and Toners of 400 and 500kg capacity. For Bulk Consumers, supply in Road Tankers of 6.5 MT is also available.

Mono Methylamine and Dimethylamine Solution: Like Ammonia in Aqueous Solution, Mono Methylamine and Dimethylamine solution is also supplied in HDPE Carboys and Drums. Tanker Loads of 9.5 MT can also be arranged for Bulk consumers